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Can I visit a Singapore healthcare establishment without a medical appointment?

In order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences and delays, we suggest that scheduled appointments be made prior to your arrival.

What information do I need to provide when making a medical appointment?

Your name, as it appears on your passport, along with current address, date of birth, a brief explanation of your medical problem, and the preferred date of the appointment.

What medical records or documents must I have with me?

Please be advised to have with you all relevant information on your medical condition, including x-rays, medical history/records and your current medication. As names of some medication may differ in different countries, it would be useful to bring along supporting documentation on the details of your prescription drugs. If you have been referred to Singapore by your local doctor, please ensure that you have his / her contact details with you as well.

Am I able to bring my medication with me to Singapore?

The containers should be clearly marked with the generic name of the medication and that it is for personal consumption due to your medical condition. You may also want to bring along the prescription for the medication to show that you legally use it.

If I do not have a referral from my local doctor, can I set up an appointment with a doctor in Singapore?

Yes, you may contact any of the healthcare establishments in Singapore directly and make appointments accordingly. It is important that you bring along information about your previous medical treatment and your medical records.

My family is accompanying me for my medical treatment. Where can they stay?

When you make an appointment with the healthcare establishment, let them know that your family will be travelling with you, and they will make the necessary accommodation arrangements. It would be helpful if you can give the healthcare establishment an indication of your budget as well.

I do not speak English, how can I get help with communication?

Singapore is a multicultural and multiracial country. Many Singaporeans are conversant in Mandarin, Chinese dialects, Malay or Tamil. Interpretation services are available at healthcare establishments to ensure that international patients are able to communicate effectively with our medical professionals. Should you require interpretation services, please contact the healthcare establishment directly.