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Elevation of CA19-9 levels

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Lianhe Zaobao – 22th December 2011

Pancreatic Cancer and Bile duct Cancer are one of the rarest types of cancer. Pancreatic cancer is not a hereditary disease, and the rate of being infected with it will not be higher than normal people. Although the levels of CA19-9 has elevated for this patient,Miss Xin, but the ways for diagnosing pancreatic cancer is through the computer or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Therefore, it is assured that Miss Xin does not have pancreatic cancer or bile duct cancer. Lastly, people with elevated CA19-9 levels may not be inflicted with pancreatic cancer. CA19-9 can also be found in other digestive organs such as the stomach, large intestine. As such, the cause of the elevated CA19-9 levels may be due to other factors. Miss Xin was diagnosed with Gastric acid reflux and chronic gastritis which were both curable. After doing a retest of CA19-9, her CA19-9 levels have dropped to 44. Although it was still higher than a normal person, but it has stopped increasing, which was a relief for Miss Xin. CA19-9 is a tumor marker. A lot of tumors especially malignant tumors will create these kinds of tumor marker.

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