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Vaginal Aesthetic Rejuvenation

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Vaginal rejuvenation is a surgical art to enhance the vagina functionally and aesthetically. Rejuvenation is a catchy term in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. It embodies reconstruction, giving the organ a fresh breath and a lease of new life. Hence, in vaginal reconstruction surgery, there is a functional aspect and an aesthetic aspect to be attained. In gynaecology, the focus is on operating on diseased organs and correcting anatomical defects e.g. vulva cancer and uterovagina prolapse. In vaginal rejuvenation, an added focus is on the patient’s expectations. This is the essence of aesthetic gynaecology.

It has been said that the most powerful sex organ is the brain. But, this power is not harnessed by mere thinking or dreaming. It requires an interaction of all our senses, sight, touch, sound and so on. Most commonly requested procedures of vaginal  rejuvenation are hymen repair, labiaplasty(to correct unequal or large flappy vaginal lips), vaginoplasty(to refashion vaginal tears and tighten vaginal tone) .Most highly requested procedures are vaginoplasty to improve sexual gratification especially after vaginal childbirth. After vaginal childbirth the vaginal muscles and tissues are lax and can be toneless. Hence sexual tightness and tension between the male organ and vagina  are reduced. Thightening the vaginal muscles can help restore the vaginal power.  In this talk, I will focus more on labiaplasty and colpoperinoplasty. With panties becoming skimpy and tiny,  uneven and enlarged vaginal lips may protrude out of cover. Long labials may interfere with  sexual intercourse and cause pain. Nude models may find uneven vaginal lips unsightly for artistic photography. Badly repaired vaginal tears and episiotomies post a psychological embarrassment to some women and often refashioning of this perineal scars are required to boost self confidence.

Vaginal aesthetic rejuvenation empowers women with a new anti-aging lifestyle option.