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New way of slimming down: Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Shin Min Daily News – 12th October 2011

Heart Bypass surgery and Gastric Banding Surgery have been heard by many people. However, the conducting of Gastric Bypass Surgery for the purpose of slimming down has probably not been heard of. Stomach and liver consultant, Dr Desmond stated that after the performing of the gastric bypass surgery, the rate of absorption of protein, vitamins and other nutrients will reduce tremendously. If the condition was normal, the doctor would never perform this surgery.

After surgery, the capacity of the abnormally fat patient’s stomach will shrink, the absorption rate of nutrients of the small intestine will reduce .Therefore, the patient will achieve her purpose of slimming down.

The risks of Gastric Bypass Surgery is higher, however, in the long term process, the result for slimming down using this surgery is much better than the other two surgeries.

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