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Hope comes from the persistence of life

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Lianhe Wanbao – 15th May 2008

Mr Liu 56 years old is Dr Desmond’s Indonesian patient. In 2004, he was diagnosed with bile duct cancer and he came to Singapore for a bypass surgery. Usually for a patient whose cancer cell has spread, their survival rate will not last for more than two years. However, Mr Liu, unknowingly has lived for an additional 3 years. Since Dr Desmond’s graduation till now, he has already understand that the survival rate stated in books were merely numbers and a chance.

In March 2007, Mr Liu was supposed to come back to Singapore for consulation but he did not turn up. During 26th June of the same year, Dr Desmond received a call from the family member of Mr Liu. Apparently, a few days ago, Mr Liu vomited blood and was resting in a hospital in Medan. Mr Liu told his family that he had no longer wanted to live. As such, the family member of Mr Liu convinced Dr Desmond to fly to Medan to convince Mr Liu for treatment in Singapore.

After Dr Desmond fly to Medan to convince Mr Liu, he was touched by Dr Desmond’s words and accepted treatment. Although Mr Liu recently had pneumonia, he was now determined to fight against cancer.

After looking at Mr Liu and his family cherishing life, Dr Desmond was elated and was proud he made the trip to Medan.

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